News Anchor’s Beyoncé ‘Formation’ Video Goes Viral

Laila Muhammad
Facebook Screenshot

There's nothing like becoming hands-on when it comes to your work. WTKR's Laila Muhammad was just having fun while reporting on how viral sensations are made when she became one herself.

Muhammad had set out to explain how people go viral and can earn money off their viral videos. To show how easy it was to create a video, Muhammad and her news directors got into "formation." The crew made a video of Muhammad learning Beyoncé's dance moves from "Formation," and of course she went viral in the process.


In the hilarious video, Muhammad is practicing her dance movies in a bathroom stall, with tissue under her shoe, as well as in her kitchen and even in an elevator. But when she interrupts a weatherman, the scene is priceless.

Now, that's what you call putting your all into your work.

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