Natasha Rothwell’s Tweets to Donald Trump Are Petty and Perfect

Natasha Rothwell does Twitter phenomenally well.

Aside from being the face of one of our favorite memes on Twitter, the Insecure star has tweeted (nearly every day since the 2016 election) that Trump is trash. Do y’all realize the level of commitment it takes to notify 45 (and the world), on the daily that he is, in fact, hot flaming trash?! I’m impressed. If nothing else, one must respect the woman’s stick-to-itiveness. Rothwell is out here beating the tweeter-in-chief at Twitter.


“I think it is important for us to know that this current administration is not indicative of who we are as a people. It’s not representative of me,” said Rothwell. “So something so silly as to tweet ‘You are trash’ every day—it’s an exercise for me, mentally, to check-in with myself, to remind myself that it’s not normal and we have to fight for change.”

The Root caught up with the comedian-actor-writer extraordinaire in New Orleans at “The Loft” by HBO (read: an installation of a super-swanky series of HBO events aimed to promote inclusion. It was pretty much all black er’rything. I’m with it.)


Watch Rothwell muse on her love affair with the Obamas, using comedy to grieve and why Trump is trash.

See the entire video above.

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