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Naomi Campbell is not one to shy away from a fight, given her infamous rap sheet of getting it in with personal assistants and other minions who provoke her anger. That’s why it’s not much of a surprise that the New York Post is reporting that the 44-year-old supermodel got into a shoving match and weave-pulling fight with 22-year-old model Cara Delevingne at a Paris nightclub.

And guess who they were fighting over? Rihanna.

Reports say that Campbell heard Delevingne say something disparaging about Rihanna, and Campbell didn’t like that Delevingne was “disrespecting” the pop singer. Campbell gave her a serious tongue-lashing that led to Campbell allegedly pushing the young model. Onlookers say that Delevingne pushed her right back and then yanked on Campbell’s hair. Fortunately “it didn’t come off," one witness said. 


Cara apparently had no idea what the problem was, since she, Campbell and Rihanna have hung out together before. One witness gave the Post this account:  

It was a noisy and packed party. Naomi was saying all these nonsensical things, she was ranting. There was a messy pushing match. Cara didn’t understand because there’s no problem between her and Rihanna. Cara didn’t want to be involved and was telling Naomi, “Get away from me! ”

The altercation didn’t stop Campbell from partying it up at another location on the same night, where another onlooker said she was “smiling angelically” as if nothing had happened.

Campbell hopped onto Twitter this morning and completely denied that anything had occurred between her and Delevingne.


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