Tawana Davis
YouTube Screenshot

In what looks like something straight off of World Star, a fight between a nail-salon customer and owner has been caught on camera, resulting in an arrest.

Tawana Davis, the customer at a Lancaster, Calif., nail salon, said the fight started when salon owner Kathy Nguyen refused to do her daughter’s nails. In an interview with CBS2, Davis said her requests were completely ignored, only to have Nguyen point to a sign indicating that she has the right to refuse service.

According to Davis, Nguyen told her that she thought her daughter was too young to have her nails done.

And that’s when the fight erupted.

Nguyen pressed a panic button, and when police arrived, Davis was arrested on charges that she stole a bottle of nail polish. Davis said she never took any nail polish and plans to file a lawsuit against Nguyen.

In the video, you can see that Davis’ daughter is quite young, appearing not to be older than 3. You’d have to wonder why Davis would let the situation escalate and not find another salon.


Then there’s Nguyen. Aside from having a sign that reads that she has the right to refuse service, who is she to say that someone’s child is too young to have her or his nails polished? I doubt Davis was trying to get acrylic tips on the child’s nails.

In any event, the situation will now play out in court, all because of a manicure.