Michelle Williams
FrEDERIC J. BROWN/Getty Images

MTV plays too much.

There's a photo up on the network's Instagram account that photoshopped a photo of Michelle Obama into a Destiny's Child photo. The first lady replaces Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams.


"Michelle was always my favorite Destiny's Child," the caption reads. The post originally appeared on the Instagram page for SaintHoax—a self-described "sociopolitical activist."

Wiliams was apparently a good sport about it. 

She reportedly posted and then deleted this response: “You guys play waaaaaaaay too much! I see the pettiness crept into 2016!!! Only because it's the one and only @michelleobama will I even entertain this!!! This is a good one that I must laugh at!!!"

Nice that Williams has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

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