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On Twitter, not a week goes by in which the infamous $200-date subject doesn’t come up. What started out as a simple question has now turned into a meme.

If you’re not familiar with the conversation, basically it’s a bunch of people arguing about the idea of $200 dates with those who feel “money ain’t a thang.” Week after week, it’s always the same argument. And now that summer is coming to an end, and fall and winter weather is approaching, cuffing season is about to take place. And what do folks do during cuffing season? No, they don’t go on $200 dates. Nowadays it’s just “Netflix and chill.”


Netflix and chill takes on different meanings for different people—and different people with different agendas—when it comes to dating.

Back in the day, Netflix (or any movie) and chill might have involved being invited over to someone’s house for dinner and a movie, and that being that. Sometimes you just wanted a simple in-home date, and not have to worry about shelling out $200.

But nowadays, Netflix and chill has taken on a new meaning, which goes something like this: You receive a text message at 1 a.m. from the person you were just messaging on Tinder or Twitter, the person you met the night before at the club or your “cuffing season” boo. The person invites you over and uses Netflix as a lure. As soon as you get there, this is what ends up happening:

And that’s the PG-13 version.

But if you’re not mature enough to just come out and ask a person what you want, then maybe you shouldn’t be having sex? I’m just saying. I mean, we are adults, right?


Basically, “Netflix and chill” means, “Hey, come over to my place and let’s have sex,” without actually saying it.

Netflix and chill has become so popular, even rappers are rapping about it. B.o.B just released a song in which he says, “I was thinkin’ Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill/I got drink and smoke and d—k that’s if you come through for real/I was thinkin’ Netflix and chill, Netflix and chill/ I wake up and need it up that’s a bed and breakfast for real, oh yeah.”


Nowadays, with easy access to people because of the popularity of apps like Tinder, Grindr and OkCupid, finding someone to Netflix and chill with isn’t that hard.

But where does that leave people who actually want to date and form relationships? In a world where quality (versus quantity) is a lot tougher because of the apps mentioned, the weeding-out process is even harder. And that’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with those people who just want to Netflix and chill. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


As cuffing season approaches, I imagine Netflix subscriptions will shoot through the roof, and one has to wonder how the company feels about its name becoming synonymous with, “Hey, come over and make sexy time.”

Cuffing season. Netflix and chill. Makes me wonder why a friend asked to borrow my password to Netflix. And hell, if you can’t afford Netflix and your budget is always that tight, maybe YouTube and chill is another option?


One has to wonder what the next dating meme will be.

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