@homegirlbyCRM via Instagram screenshot

Much has been said about H&M’s monkey sweatshirt and the racial image it presents when modeled on a little black child. Everyone from celebrities who’ve worked with H&M to culture critics have brought the sledgehammer down on the Sweden-based company. But there’s one person who was missing from the commentary equation: the model’s mother.

With the number of internet sleuths out there, it was only a matter of time before someone came across the little boy’s mother, Terry Mango. And it may come to a shock to some people that she doesn’t exactly understand why people are making a big deal out of the photo her son posed for.

If you read through the above Instagram photos, you’ll notice that Mango wants to know why is everyone crying wolf. The Kenyan mother, who now lives in Sweden, wants people to get over it. She also states that pointing out racism in the photo isn’t her way of thinking. Basically, Mango is of the ilk that if she doesn’t care, why should we?


Apparently the check was just that good.