More Audiotapes Leaked: Hulk Hogan Used the N-Word in a Conversation With His Son

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Hulk Hogan
 Robin Marchant/Getty Images

It seems that the n-word was a regular part of Hulk Hogan's vocabulary. He didn't just use it when he was mad, or speaking disparagingly of African Americans.

Looks like he also used it the way some black people do: endearingly. Except the problem is, well, he's not black. 

According to the Daily Mail, more audiotapes have been leaked, and in them Hogan can be heard using the n-word during a phone conversation he was having with his son, Nick Bollea, who was in jail at the time in Florida. 

"You and me been sitting on some serious phone, phone dialogue here, n—ga," Hogan said to his son in May 2008.

Bollea used a variation of the n-word, too, replying, "Yeah, nibbah."

Hogan even spoke about how he's using the n-word, telling his son that when he does use it, it's to express a kinship. 


"N—ga, n—ga, that means, that means you my best friend," Hogan reportedly says in the recording. 

More fuel for the fire

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