Aamito Lagum

Many may recognize model Aamito Lagum as a winner from America’s Next Top Model. Lagum, who hails from Uganda, was the subject of racist trolls when MAC Cosmetics posted a photo of her lips to its Instagram account.

From comments about the size of her lips and even her complexion, Lagum’s photo not only went viral but also set off a movement during which black women proudly put their lips on display, too. Women all over social media have been posting photos using the hashtag #PrettyLipsPeriod.


In response to the racists, Lagum made a simple Instagram post that is basically a middle finger to all the haters.

“My lips giving you sleepless nights,” she wrote in reference to a headline about the response the MAC Instagram photo received. She added, “Thank you @maccosmetics for this killer color and to that makeup artist.”

And to those wondering which shade of lipstick Lagum was wearing in the photo, it’s MAC’s Matte Royal.

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