Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon Declined 7-Year-Old’s Offer to Play Violin Music for Ferguson

Leah Flynn    
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Last month 7-year-old Leah Flynn made headlines after she decided she wanted to use her music to bring peace to Ferguson, Mo., before the grand jury's decision was reached. Paula Flynn, Leah's mother, said that her daughter saw Ferguson on the news and wanted to know what was going on.

"She said to me, 'Mom, what's going on?' and I explained to her, because I have to—I told her what's going on, and she said, 'But it's not right, these people look so sad; maybe I could do something for them,' " Paula Flynn, told WOFL.


It was at that moment that Leah decided she wanted to travel from Sanford, Fla., to visit Ferguson and play her violin for residents. "There's a lot of scariness there and violence and fighting, so I really just want them to have [peace] and happiness," Leah said.

Unfortunately, Leah never got a chance to play for the city. Leah and her mother sent a letter to Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon and Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, letting them know that she wanted to play, but unfortunately they declined the offer.


Although Leah wasn't able to play in Ferguson, she did visit St. Louis' Fox 2 News and was allowed to play in the studio and have it televised. Leah played three songs: "The Prayer," "Amazing Grace" and "Let There Be Peace on Earth."

It's unfortunate that the governor and police chief declined this child's gesture of peace through music, but at least people were able to view it on television.

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