Mike Epps’ Wife Says She Didn’t See Divorce Coming

Mechelle Epps
Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Sports Spectacular
Mechelle Epps
Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Sports Spectacular

Flashback to last summer.

Actor Mike Epps, who’s known for cracking jokes about how his wife, Mechelle Epps, used to check his cellphone, got caught trying to allegedly “kick it” with some random chick on Twitter.


But then his wife popped into the mix with the infamous eyeballing emojis:


Well, that was probably the beginning of the end for Epps and his wife, but unfortunately, Mechelle says she didn’t see it coming.


Last week, Mike filed for divorce from his wife of 10 years, and according to Mechelle, she was completely blindsided. In an interview with TMZ, Mechelle gave her side of the story.

“It was shocking to me,” she told TMZ. “I didn’t know we were separated since the summertime. We’ve been doing everything a married couple does up until January. I think when I saw him walking down the streets of New York with a mysterious girl, I think that did it.

“It’s hard because you think you’re in a relationship and being loyal to that person and you think loyalty will always win, but people are people. Fame gets to their head; you just never know,” she said.

Nope, you never know … but there’s always the occasional sign.

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