Mike Epps
Cooper Neill/Getty Images for ESPN

In 1989 John Hughes’ film Uncle Buck, starring John Candy, shot to box-office fame after its release. The film centered on a character named Buck Russell, who was asked to take care of his nieces and nephews. A classic Hughes film, Uncle Buck is still bringing in numbers with DVD sales. Since its release, it’s made over $80 million.

Because Hollywood has seemingly run out of ideas and likes to reboot everything under the sun, the movie is being rebooted for the second time—but this time as a TV show with a black cast. According to Deadline, Mike Epps has the title role in Uncle Buck and will be joined by Nia Long in the project by Universal TV and Will Packer Productions.

Just as in the movie, Buck Russell learns the ways of adulthood when he’s tasked with taking care of his brother Will’s children. Long will play Russell’s strong-willed sister-in-law.

With a new Richard Pryor biopic in the works, as well as an AOL comedy series, That’s Racist, it looks as though Epps isn’t short on work in Hollywood.