EllenTube screenshot
EllenTube screenshot

We all know that a lot of good things happen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and for the star’s latest act of bringing awesomeness to us, forever first lady Michelle Obama will be making an appearance on the show for her first TV interview since leaving the White House.


According to The Hill, Aunt Shellie will be on Thursday’s show to celebrate DeGeneres’ 60th birthday (seriously, this lady is 60).

Obama has been living her best life, going to the beach, showing off them natural curls and keeping a relatively lower profile since leaving the White House. But she and DeGeneres have always gotten along famously well, with Obama being a regular guest on the show as first lady.

And trust, whenever those two are together, something hilarious happens—either a pushup challenge (which they still play-feud about to this day) or them (mostly Ellen) creating havoc in local pharmacies.

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