Michelle Obama

Seriously, there will never be a first lady like Michelle Obama, ever again. Not only has she juggled parenting and being the first lady, but she’s also done work that has set precedent. 

Through the first lady’s various initiatives, including helping girls across the country gain access to education, she has mastered the use of social media. And in a 3-D interview with Verge, Obama discusses just how social media has made an impact.

Yes, the interview is a great one, and if you have a 3-D viewing device, you’ll get to marvel at the technology used. But let’s focus on these photos from Obama’s Verge photo shoot.



Werk it more.


She slays.


Hey, girl!


First name, Michelle. Last name, Obama. You better ask somebody.


Our first lady is absolutely beautiful, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

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