Gemma Busoni, Michelle Obama and Zaniya Lewis

When was the last time you saw a first lady on the cover of Seventeen magazine? Probably never. Michelle Obama covers the May issue of the magazine, along with two lucky teenagers who won the chance to interview her.

In the interview, Gemma Busoni and Zaniya Lewis asked FLOTUS about the advice she gave her own daughters about picking the right university. The question is quite apropos because Malia Obama is graduating from high school next month.


“The one thing I’ve been telling my daughters is that I don’t want them to choose a name,” Obama said. “I don’t want them to think, ‘Oh, I should go to these top schools.’ We live in a country where there are thousands of amazing universities. So the question is, what’s going to work for you?” 

The first lady didn’t say which college Malia has chosen, but since Malia has an eye toward the film industry, I’m quite sure it’ll be one with a great film program.

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