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Virgin Atlantic flight attendants are pretty hard to miss. There are the ketchup-red blazers and pencil skirts, for one, with or without a jaunty, colorful neckerchief to match. There are the sensible shoes that are both professional and polished but can also withstand hours of wear while one’s feet swell up. There are the, I don’t know, Virgin Atlantic name tags that indicate, “HI. I WORK HERE. IN CASE THE ALL-RED OUTFIT AND ME VIGILANTLY WATCHING THESE OVERHEAD BINS DIDN’T TIP YOU OFF.”


Michaela Coel, the British creator and star of the Netflix series Chewing Gum, did not at all resemble a Virgin Atlantic flight attendant when she took a recent flight on the airline. And yet, apparently, she was mistaken for one.

In a tweet Coel posted Monday evening, Coel wrote: “Congratulations to Virgin Atlantic passengers once again! A lady just confused me for a hostess and asked me to clean up her mess and increase the flight temp.”


Coel then included a side-by-side comparison of what she was wearing and what the flight attendants were wearing, for the “Well, what if ... ” crowd.

Coel was wearing a black hoodie. No neckerchief. No name tag. Just a simple black hoodie.

Hrmmm. I wonder what that Virgin Atlantic passenger could have been seeing that confused her so?

Staff writer, The Root.

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