Meghan Markle Snagged Her a Prince and Black Twitter Is Here for It

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“Princess Meghan”—it’s got a nice ring to it! Let me start first by saying yasss for anyone who can find love in a hopeless place ... aka the world, which is literally self-destructing. There was a bombing in Egypt and a volcano erupting in Bali, Indonesia; Donald Trump doesn’t believe news is real; Taylor Swift’s new album is at the top of the charts—the world is over it.

However, the love between Prince Harry of Wales and (black) American actress Meghan Markle (Suits, Fringe) is real. How do I know? Prince Harry put a ring on it. And now ... Markle is our real-life black American princess-to-be. Somebody call Halle Berry! (That’s a B.A.P.S. reference, FYI.)


While plenty of folks on the internet believe that this impending marriage is a win for black people as a culture, others are just happy to see that there’s some blackness entering the royal family. Either way, Prince Harry has made it crystal clear that he doesn’t have time for racism or harassment of any kind because of his future wife’s lack of royal pedigree or richness of her melanin.

However you feel about the royal wedding, just know that it’s happening.

Check out a few of the best reactions on social media, which should be enough to keep you giggling while you await the delivery of your royal “Save the date.”


Are you excited about this royal wedding?

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