Megan Thee Stallion Corrects Fake News Story, Says Charges Against Tory Lanez Have Not Been Dropped

Megan Thee Stallion attends the 2019 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Megan Thee Stallion attends the 2019 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on November 24, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo: Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Despite what may be trending on Twitter right now, the charges against Daystar Peterson (aka Tory Lanez) as it relates to the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion have, in fact, not been dropped.

Complex reports that a tweet appearing to show a screenshot of Los Angeles County court documents was put up by a blog, alleging that Lanez, who previously pleaded not guilty, would be relieved of all charges. Well, it didn’t take long for reps at the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and reps close to both Lanez and Megan to disprove the lie. According to the DA’s Office, the only thing that has changed in this case is the court date, which was originally planned for January 20 but has now been pushed back to February 25. But because folks love mess, the fake news spread faster than a California wildfire and Twitter became a cesspool of negativity from internet commenters who readily and willingly will believe the word of a disreputable blog than the word of a Black woman.


Understandably triggered and rightfully pissed, Megan Thee Stallion took to Twitter to once again express her disappointment at the lies and lack of understanding, empathy, and respect she’s been afforded throughout this whole ordeal (which, if you remember, is something she’s been vocal about for a long time.)

“AT THIS POINT IM GETTING ANNOYED ! STOP BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU READ ON THE MF INTERNET,” Megan expressed. “Imagine how I feel waking every day seeing people LIE and turn my trauma into a joke ? That whole team figures out ways to create doubt with my story every week and the media eats it up. Y’all can’t tell when shit fake news? Y’all still don’t see an ABUSER picking with me ? The first court date got pushed back bc of the inauguration but I can’t wait until the MF FACTS come out ! Bitch you shot me AND MY STORY NOT CHANGING AND BITCH YOU GOING TO JAIL.”


She added, “Trauma is real. I’m still traumatized from [losing] my mom, dad and one of my grandmothers and on top of that being shot. I’m not open abt anything on the internet usually bc I like to keep my emotions private but I’m reaching my limit, I’m going to keep staying positive.”


Look, I don’t know who needs to hear this (apparently everybody, bc WTF): but when we said “believe Black women,” we meant it. And when we said “protect Black women,” we meant that shit, too. I will never understand why women, especially Black women have to “prove” their abuse and trauma was real or jump through hoops in order to gain an ounce of understanding in this world. And I will never understand why we have to have the grace of a gazelle while people spew all sorts of vitriol against us lest we be perceived as liars and bitter Black women. It’s unfair. It’s asinine. And it’s beyond infuriating.

Sending you all love, Megan. No one deserves to relive this kind of trauma.

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