Aziah King

Editor’s note: This post contains tweets that some may find offensive.

Since early Tuesday morning, the name Zola has been a trending topic on Twitter. At first I was hesitant to click on the name to see what it was about, but, eventually I buckled to the pressures of being inquisitive. And I don’t regret one second of it.


The Twitter name @_Zolarmoon belongs to Aziah King, and King used her account to chronicle a story that seems straight out of an urban novel that was on the shelf of the black-book section at Wal-Mart but was then made for the movies but ended up on the black section of Netflix.

In the interest of brevity, King’s story goes something like this.

She met a random white stripper chick, and since they were both strippers, they talked it up and became friends.


The next day, the random stripper chick invited her to go on a road trip with her and her sugar daddy.

King was like, “Cool.” (But who does that?)

Then the road trip goes from strippers to pimping, which King was not down with. Then there was an attempted suicide by some white dude named Jarrett. Then a big, black dreadlocked pimp dude shot someone in the face. Then you find out the black dude was a sex trafficker, but lucky for King, she made it home safe.


King’s tweets were captured to Storify. Seriously. Read it. Your mind will be blown. 

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