Meek’s Clues: Does Meek Mill Have New Music Coming or Nah?

Photo: Seth Roth (AP)

As you’ve heard by now, The Root is holding it down at the BET Awards in Los Angeles. We’re accompanied by birds, young folk and celebrities alike. Among the famous is one of our faves, Meek Mill, and he’s dropping hints about something big.

The Philadelphia native, who was released from prison on bail in April, is still fighting what some would call one of the greatest battles of his life. Meek Mill (born Robert Rihmeek Williams) is among the swath of people of color trapped in the American criminal-justice system—a system where black and brown bodies are over-represented.

We laud Meek’s activism. Still, fans want music. What’s good, Meek?! And based on our Insta-stalking, Meek is dropping little breadcrumbs. So, yeah, Meek’s definitely got something cooking—here are Meek’s clues.

Exhibit A: “Stay Woke” clips on Instagram.


Exhibit B: “Stay Woke” billboards ALL over L.A.

Photo: DreamChasers
Photo: DreamChasers

Exhibit C: Ya boy is in L.A. for the BET Awards.


If I were a gambling woman, I’d say that Meek is about to drop some fire. But I’ll try not to be too presumptuous.

Meek performs at Sunday’s BET Awards—anyone else want to place bets?

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