DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good attend the 73rd annual Golden Globes after-party, in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Jan. 10, 2016.

Instead of listening to Meagan Good and her husband DeVon Franklin’s message about God and how they turned to celibacy while they were dating, the actress says, some Christians are too busy judging her choice of clothing.

Last month Franklin and Good were speaking at a church in Los Angeles when a woman got up to the mic and tried to put the actress on blast.


“This is not offensive, but I was at the grocery store and I looked at a newsstand and I saw you, and you had your breast showing,” one woman in the audience said. “So, so, I wasn’t gonna come here, I wasn’t, but the Lord brought me here to see you. You’re beautiful. You are a beautiful young woman, and your testimony is awesome. It’s awesome. Amen. Amen! And the Lord let me come and push past the judgment … because you have to make sure what you say and what you do match up, you understand? So we gonna cover up, right?”

Of course Franklin wasn’t here for it.

“Wait a minute. No … ! That is not what we’re here for. She’s not gonna cover up; she’s going to wear what she wants to wear in the name of Jesus. Amen. Amen? Amen. … Yes, she will! God bless you, we love you, I love you dearly, but she has been as Christian as she … is right now when she wore whatever she wanted to wear, so … no, we ain’t doing that!”

Good discussed this incident in an interview with Essence and how some Christians can be:

“When my husband said that I’m going to ‘wear what I want to wear in the name of Jesus,’ he meant that it is between me and Jesus. While I don’t believe she had ill intent, I can’t believe God would tell someone to publicly humiliate another person. I believe if God told her to share something with me, He also would’ve given her the wisdom to do so and I don’t think her approach reflected that. But, nevertheless I have nothing but love for her. And for anyone who may disagree with me, I ask that they pray for me in love instead of slandering or attacking me. I believe that is the true essence of who God has called us all to be—lovers. I believe He can handle the rest.”


Good also said that people need to focus on the couple’s message instead of being backward.

“The crazy thing is how backwards some of us can be as Christians,” says Good. “Hubby and I are doing all we can to go out into the world with a God-given message in an area that many of us secretly struggle with, and some others have attempted to discredit a much needed cultural conversation and reduce it to a wardrobe choice. A choice that is and always will remain between me and God.”

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