MC Lyte Is Back to Reclaim Her Throne With ‘Ball’

MC Lyte
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It’s been nearly a decade since MC Lyte released new music, but the rapper is back and better than ever.

The video for “Ball,” directed by Ron Yuan, starts out with MC Lyte answering questions from reporters on a Shanghai news station. MC Lyte is then asked to define exactly what “ball” is, and the video takes off.

“I’ve been everywhere you at/Building stacks, body bags, killing tracks/You probably heard me stuntin’ award shows no frontin’/Jet-setting to London/What you heard I done it/Woo, every day I’m just hustling/Getting paper,” she raps.


MC Lyte is also joined by Lil Mama and AV in the song, which is from her forthcoming 2015 album. Not only is the song filled with a flow that both MC Lyte and Lil Mama are known for, but the video also includes some impressive choreography.

Can MC Lyte reclaim her throne as one of the greatest female rappers of all time? I guess we’ll have to wait until 2015 to see.

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