Matthew A. Cherry’s Hair Love Is Now Online and I’m About to Use My Tears to Moisturize My Hair, BRB

Hair Love / Sony Pictures Animation (YouTube)

One of my fondest memories of grandma involves sitting betwixt her fair-skinned and veiny legs as she slathered Royal Crown grease over my thick follicles. She’d braid (or more accurately, plait) my soft tendrils into two or three ponytails and wrap each one into what I just learned is technically called a “hair bobble.” I called them “ballies.”


Anyway, the point is, other than playing spades and watching old people TV, what I remember most about my grandmother involves hair.

That’s exactly why I sobbed completely throughout and after watching Hair Love. Written and directed by Matthew A. Cherry, Hair Love follows a young girl named Zuri who covets a particular hairstyle for a special day, thus leaving her father with the task of doing her hair for the first time. Shenanigans ensue! Bruce W. Smith and Everett Downing Jr. share director credits with Cherry.

Initially premiering as the opening short film to The Angry Birds Movie 2, Hair Love will have you in your feelings. All of them. I recommend tissues before hitting the play button up above. Plus, Issa Rae lent her super recognizable voice to the film.

Get into it. Report back with your tears.

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More. We need more positive representation like this. There will never be enough but until there is, I want more. I had....rather, my wife had twin daughters 21 years ago and I was proud of and praised for straight parts and symmetrical bushballs or afropuffs (whichever you prefer) when their mom (my wife) wasn’t available to do them. I had no youtube at the time and no real desire to learn more but I was happy that my daughters were presentable when they had to go out with me. The memories of being intimidated by those manes was captured eloquently with the wrestling scenario presented. This short was absotively fantastic. It gave me the same feeling as watching Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (Miles Morales) with my son. Sony will keep getting my money if they keep putting my folks on screen. Thanks for this.