Mary J. Blige Has a Few Words for All the Hateration on Her Hillary Clinton Dancery

Mary J. Blige’s now-deleted tweet

Mary J. Blige wasn't too pleased about the comments she's been receiving about her upcoming interview with Hillary Clinton. On Monday a promo shot was aired that shows Blige singing Bruce Springsteen's "41 Shots" song to Clinton as she sat across from her.


Most people's reaction to the song ranged from "WTF?" to "Why, Lord. Why?" But Blige's reaction to the criticism may actually be the best—only because it's typical when people want to call out their criticism.

Blige took to Twitter and basically told her haters to "STFU." Of course the tweet was quickly deleted, but not before screenshots were captured.

Yes, and not to mention, all of her haters are crabs in a barrel and simpleminded. Apparently Blige has yet to develop that thick layer of skin needed to navigate the world of social media. If there's anyone to blame, Blige should be screaming at the director of her talk show for thinking that promo was a good idea.

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