Marshawn Lynch Stars in Movie About His Life but Now Says It Sucks

Marshawn Lynch and co-star        
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Marshawn Lynch proved that sometimes DIY is not the way to go when making a movie. Sure, you may know your way around a football field, but a director’s chair is something totally different.

Earlier this week, Lynch released the trailer for his upcoming movie about his life. Family First: The Marshawn Lynch Story is about Lynch’s journey from Oakland, Calif., to the NFL. It stars not only Lynch but also his family members and friends.

As you can see from the clip, the movie is raw and not quite polished—which seems to have Lynch upset. According to TMZ Sports, Lynch expected his movie to have the look of a big-budget Hollywood film, which it obviously doesn’t. He’s told the director that until it has that look, the film won’t be released.


“I’ve known Marshawn his whole life. All of the sudden he’s mad at me and now doesn’t want the film to see the light of day,” the film’s director, Mario Bobino, told TMZ. “I’m upset by this because he fully committed to see the project through and now he wants out.”

Bobino said Lynch’s representatives made him pull the movie from YouTube, but he stated it would be released “no matter what.”

“I’m just upset and disappointed in Marshawn,” Bobino told TMZ. “Why are you afraid for the world to know who you really are? By blocking the film, it screws his mom and brother. Get out of that shell, dude.”

And this is what happens when you hire your homeboy to make your biopic.

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