Tracy Clayton

Selfies: You either love them or hate them. One Instagram user really loves them, though, and his affinity for selfies has made him an Internet celebrity.


Benny Winfield Jr., also known to the Instagram world as @MrPimpGoodGame, is gracing sites from Gawker to E! News thanks to the 100-plus near-identical pictures of himself. He has more than 28,000 followers and will apparently be selling T-shirts soon, which we can only assume will bear a head shot of his smiling face.

Only two of his pictures are not selfies, and his followers did not react well to them at all. "It just messed up his whole Instagram game!" commented one follower. "Not good. Delete. Disappointment!" said another.


Once upon a time you had to have a Myspace music account and be halfway decent to become e-famous. Now all you have to do is look into a camera and smile. Kids today, I tell ya! Just lazy!

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Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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