A #MannequinChallenge pose

If you haven't been living under a rock, you've probably come across a video or two of people posing as mannequins at school, at work, at football games, on airplanes and just about anywhere you can get a bunch of people to actually cooperate. The #MannequinChallenge is just the latest viral wave that's hit social media and, if anything, one of the most creative.

What does it take to pull off #MannequinChallenge? Well, basically, you just need to keep still and not break your pose.

The first sighting (at least from my search) was at the Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, Fla.:

Take a look at Rae Sremmurd, whose “Black Beatles” song has become the challenge's anthem, pulling off the biggest one yet:


But no one has done it better than these high school students:

And these students:


The Dallas Cowboys did it without music over the weekend:

The Pittsburgh Steelers tried:


These news anchors took time out of their busy Monday morning to do one:

The New York Giants celebrated a win by doing the challenge:


Spelman sororities took a break from strolling to pose:

Who knows when the #MannequinChallenge will die down, but until then, just a simple search of the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram will have you going down a #MannequinChallenge hole.