Man Down: Rihanna and Billionaire Bae Hassan Jameel Reportedly Split Up

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The low, rolling rumble you hear on the horizon? Those are the grunts of legions of men, women, and horny teens doing deep stretches so they can shoot their shot.

Rihanna, the fashion and beauty mogul and Grammy-winning singer, has reportedly split up with 31-year-old businessman Hassan Jameel. The pair had been dating since 2017 and, as of late last year, seemed like they were doing well.

Over the summer, Rihanna was spotted vacationing with Jameel’s family, and told Vogue for its November issue that she and Jameel were “exclusive.”


“It’s going really well, so I’m happy,” the 31-year-old singer said.

In that same interview, Rihanna said she “without a doubt” wanted to have kids, which some folks assumed to mean Jameel’s kids.

Rihanna certainly broke (millions of) hearts after not delivering on her promise to drop a new album in 2019, but that being said, breakups are the absolute worst. If in fact, Rih-Rih and her boo have parted ways, we’re sorry to hear it. Did they break up because Jameel leaked her album, as Root Staff Writer Jay Connor has speculated? Maybe! Are we sorry for that man? Definitely! Can y’all wait a respectful 24 hours before catapulting yourself into her DMs? Probably not, but at least try!

Staff writer, The Root.

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