Joey Bada$$ Instagram    

Clearly I’m old. I mean, sure, I’m in my 30s, but I at least thought I knew about present-day hip-hop. However, color me clueless when it comes to knowing who Joey Bada$$ is. But thanks to Malia Obama, I now have a clue.

The oldest Obama daughter, just like any typical teen, is a taker of selfies. But unlike selfies by most teens not living in the White House, hers went viral. In the photo, Malia is wearing a Pro Era T-shirt. Pro Era is a group of hip-hop artists that includes rapper Joey Bada$$.

According to Gawker, a mutual friend of Malia’s and a member of Pro Era shared the photo. And as part of Marketing 101, the group is now using the image to promote their merchandise. They may want to check in with the Secret Service, however, before they end up being public enemy No. 1.

And from now on, I’m spelling my name Ye$ha. Thanks, Malia!