Louis Farrakhan Says Fruit of Islam Will Protect Beyoncé on Tour

Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam        
Facebook screenshot

Several law-enforcement groups have vowed to boycott providing security for upcoming Beyoncé concerts because they say her recent video and Super Bowl performance of "Formation" are anti-police. Fraternal Organization of Police groups in cities such as New York and Miami have turned their backs on the singer; but during a recent speech, Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam said that its Fruit of Islam would step in.

In a video posted on Facebook, Farrakhan explained why he was stepping in: "She started talking that black stuff. And white folks, 'We don't know how to deal with that.' Well, you taught us everywhere we went about the Holocaust. But we had sympathy for you. But when one of us shows some independence, look at how you treating Beyoncé now. You're going to picket? You're not going to offer her police protection? But the FOI will.


"So we say to our hip-hop community: Say what you feel. Put it out there with strength. They allowed you to call your women bitches and whores. Put it out there. Say how you love your black self and you want to see black people free. We'll back you up," he continued, to a standing ovation.

I'm sure this news won't sit well with law enforcement, either.

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