Loretta Devine and Tia Mowry’s New Netflix Series Features An All-Black Writers’ Room

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Let the heavens rejoice because Netflix is keeping the original content game strong and has announced a new comedy series featuring Emmy Award-winning actress Loretta Devine and our favorite Sister, Sister, Tia Mowry.


The new series, Family Reunion, has been ordered for 20 episodes by the streaming giant and proves that coming up with new ideas is not a thing of the past. Death to reboots.


Not only is this original content, but the best part of this series is that it’s being penned by an all black writers’ room. It’s kind of like there are talented people of color out there ready and willing to bring new ideas to the table. Go figure!

The comedy series follows Mowry who plays Cocoa McKellan, a free-spirited wife and mother from Seattle, who clashes with Devine’s character M’Dear, the strict matriarch of the tribe during a family reunion.

“I’m so excited to return to television, especially working with Netflix, and I can’t wait for everyone to see Family Reunion,” commented Mowry on the series. “I know my fans are going to love it!”


As Issa instructed, I’ll be rooting for this series and applaud Netflix for keeping up its consistency with its rollout of original content.

It makes those monthly payments worthwhile.

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Oh look, Loretta Devine is playing someone mother...again, for like the 20th time, maybe.

The balls Jenifer Lewis has to claim to be the Black Mom Of Hollywood.