Look at These Cute-Ass Babies, Because We’re Tired of Looking at White Supremacy

Miatheminidiva via Instagram
Miatheminidiva via Instagram

Folks, it’s been a week, and here at The Root we’re tired. We’re tired of crazy white supremacists and their sympathizers. We’re tired of Donald Trump. We’re tired of just documenting it all and writing about it. But what better way to cleanse your palate of the week’s horrifying news than to look at some cute-ass babies?!


I mean, look at our weekend social media editor’s niece:


You hear that sound? That’s my ovaries going, “OMG ... let’s make a baby!” That other sound is my voice telling them, “Nah, unfortunately, shop is closed.”

Chance the Rapper is a fave here and is living his life for his daughter, Kensli. Here’s Kensli and her dad going to Disney for the first time:

I hope he survived the day, because I barely did when I took my son and nephew a couple of years ago.

One of the best places to see cute babies on Instagram is the @bourgiebabies account. From newborns to toddlers, it’s a baby lovefest. Don’t you look at this baby and smell baby powder and lotion?


And of course there’s the popular @_beautifulblackbabies account:


The famous McClure twins practically grew up on social media .... they started as babies:


Now they’re here, talking about not being nice to boys at their day care:


For today’s lesson in self-care, find you some cute babies to look at; you’ll thank us later.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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