Lizzo Volunteers at Australian Food Bank During Wildfires, Internet Will Still Find a Way to Be Mad

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Australia is currently in the midst of one of its most destructive wildfires. After a performance at the Sydney Opera House, Lizzo saw fit to do her part to help.


CBS News reports that Foodbank Victoria shared pictures on its Facebook page of the “Truth Hurts” singer paying a visit to its Melbourne site; not only visiting the staff but helping pack food hampers for those in regions affected by the fires. As of now, the fires have burned through 12.5 million acres, destroyed 2,000 homes and have killed at least 25 people.

Lizzo has become a bizarre beacon of controversy just by simply existing. The misogynoir has come out in full force ever since the singer started taking off last year. In 2019 alone, Lizzo saw her 2017 song “Truth Hurts” make the climb to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts; she was the musical guest on Eddie Murphy’s critically-acclaimed episode of SNL, and between “Truth Hurts,” “Juice,” and “Good as Hell,” her music was inescapable. Apparently, the fact that a plus-sized black woman is both successful and comfortable in her own skin is just too much for some people to process.

If it’s not the most basic of clowns harassing her on Twitter, it’s Jillian Michaels or Boyce Watkins coming through with some head-ass comments about diabetes. The harassment has gotten so bad that earlier this week Lizzo tweeted that she was taking a hiatus from Twitter due to trolls. If you read some of the replies to that tweet, you’ll quickly understand why she left.

It’s nice to see that despite all her recent turmoil, she’s out here doing good things and helping those who truly need it.

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