Little Girl Is on a Road Trip Handing Out Hugs to ‘Unloved’ Cops


A Louisiana mother believes that people are being too mean to cops, so she’s on a mission to show them “love” by traveling around the world with her young daughter and giving cops hugs.

Yes, you read that correctly, and, of course, they’re documenting it all on Facebook.

Angie Baldwin and her 7-year-old daughter, Rosalyn, have been traveling on a cross-country trip and recently made a stop in Chicago, according to ABC 7.


“Some people have been mean to them. I want to make them feel better,” Rosalyn said.

“She’s been asking me since the Baton Rouge [La.] shootings happened,” Baldwin said. “She thought there was so much protesting, it was just—people need love. She says, ‘Mom, it’s about love. We need to love our officers.’”

So let’s forget about the police who have systematically brutalized people of color forever, and just hand out hugs to make them feel better about the line of work they chose.

“I have two kids at home, a boy and a girl. They tell me every day they love me. To have someone from so far away say the same thing just because I’m an officer truly meant a lot; it makes me happy,” said Officer Michael Carroll of the Chicago Police Department.


The young girl and her mother plan to visit every state to meet with these unloved police officers. Hopefully they won’t get racially profiled along the way, and the mother also gives her child a lesson on the bad cops of the world.

People would love cops more if they’d stop killing people.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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Hope they’re handing out Pepsi, too.