Lisa Bonet Opens Up, Says She Sensed ‘Sinister, Shadow Energy’ From Co-Star Bill Cosby

Lisa Bonet in 2014 in Los Angeles
Lisa Bonet in 2014 in Los Angeles
Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Lisa Bonet finally has something to say about the sexual assault allegations against her former TV father, Bill Cosby, and it ain’t good, as one might expect.


In an interview published in Net-a-Porter, the actress voiced no surprise at the accusations but acknowledged that she had no sense of anything that was happening. Instead, she said, she sensed a dark energy around Cosby.

“There was no knowledge on my part about his specific actions, but … there was just energy. And that type of sinister, shadow energy cannot be concealed,” she told the magazine.

And then, just to leave no doubt about what would have happened had she had an inkling of the allegations, Bonet added, “And if I had anything more to reveal, then it would have happened a long time ago. That’s my nature. The truth will set you free.”

Bonet, who played Cosby’s daughter Denise on The Cosby Show, fell out with the actor over her professional choices, including her decision to appear in the 1987 film Angel Heart, in which she had a nude scene.

Cosby is scheduled to face a retrial on April 2 to face allegations that he drugged and assaulted former Temple University basketball staff member Andrea Constand. Constand is but one of multiple women who have accused the actor of sexual assault or misconduct.

As for Bonet, she’s just watching and waiting for everything else to unfold.

“I don’t need to say, ‘I told you so.’ I just leave all that to karma and justice and what will be,” she said.

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Cariad Chávez

Lisa Bonet is one of those people who I just want good things for. Like, anyone else (except for maybe Serena Williams) who got to be THAT beautiful and get it from Lenny Kravitz AND Jason Momoa on the regular would make me die of jealously, but for her I’m just happy and want her to thrive and bless the world with her bone structure and grace.

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