Lil Wayne (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

It has been reported that rapper Lil Wayne has suffered yet another seizure and is now resting in Miami after a stint in the ICU.

The Young Money rapper has been officially diagnosed with epilepsy, and TMZ learned that just last week, he suffered a severe seizure and had to cancel his performance at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas for a preparty for MMA’s UFC 200. Sources say that Wayne was about to go onstage and had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital.


If you remember, it was just one month ago that Weezy's plane had to make an emergency landing after he suffered a "series of seizures" midflight. There are reports that since these recurring seizures have been happening, doctors have been trying to figure out the proper treatment.

Wayne has publicly suffered through four years of recurring seizures, but many critics blame these seizures on Weezy's addiction to the very dangerous drink "sizzurp," or "purp." Whatever the cause of these very serious health scares, it's a wake-up call for him to focus on his health and recovery. Get better soon, Weezy!

Check out this video about the dangers of sizzurp:


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