Lil Nas X Drops New Single, ‘Panini,’ in Advance of New Album Release, 7

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Lil Nas X apparently has no plans to ride off into the sunset anytime soon.

Fresh off the chart-topping, if controversial success of “Old Town Road,the viral sensation on Thursday released a new single, “Panini.”:


“Panini” is from Lil Nas X’s new album, 7, set to drop Friday, and no, as one can see from the tweet above, the song is not about a pressed sandwich. It takes its name from the character “Panini” from the cartoon Chowder.


Also, unlike “Old Town Road,” the new track has a decidedly non-country feel. “Panini” features a sample from the tune “In Bloom” by ‘90s rock band Nirvana, according to CNN.

And after finding much success with his “Old Town Road” remix collab with Miley’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, Lil Nas X has his eye on an interesting pairing for “Panini” —famed chef Gordon Ramsaytweeting, “tryna get gordon ramsay on this panini remix.”


An apparently intrigued Ramsay responded: “Tell me more...”


Check out “Panini” below:

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Very Travis Scott-esque, which is not necessarily my type of music, but it’s not terrible; I’ve heard worse from better.