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R&B singer-turned-reality-TV “star” Lil’ Mo felt the wrath of thousands of Prince fans over the weekend during the 2014 Essence Music Festival. Lil’ Mo apparently didn’t receive the star treatment she’s used to after she was denied entry to a bathroom because Prince was making his way to the stage to perform.

Lil’ Mo, who was in possession of VIP passes, was told by New Orleans police that she’d just have to “hold it” and wait until Prince made his way through. Apparently she didn’t appreciate the slight and started ranting on Instagram (her rant has since been deleted):

yall have NO idea how these celebs be actin. and I’m not gonna eem bother they ass. i had to pee I’m real life,” she wrote. “I was pushed in my stomach cuz somebody was coming through. i just want to sing and take care of MY family. [f—k ]all this EXTRA unnecessary [s—t] dawg.

I’ll allow everyone a few seconds to decipher all of that.

So Lil’ Mo, who doesn’t have control of her bladder, was really upset that she was on the receiving end of D-celebrity-status treatment.

If that wasn’t enough, she decided to throw more shade with the following post:

In an interview with the Jasmine Brand, Lil’ Mo is now claiming that her Kermit meme was in reference to YouTube singer JJ Fish.


One thing you can’t expect to get away with in life is trying to come for Prince. His fans will retaliate and protect their Purple Majesty. Just take a look at a few responses to her whining:

But never one to let someone else have the last word, Prince joined in with some shading of his own:

So what does Lil’ Mo think about all of this? The Jasmine Brand asked if she regretted posting the Instagram photos, and of course she doesn’t.

Hell no. I regret being held back for having to use the bathroom. After having 4 c-sections, when I have to GO I have to GO. I will not get a UTI and have to drink cranberry juice and messing up MY kidneys. Mannn, holding pee is deadly. I am NOT risking my clean undies for NO damn body. Miss me with that. Hello. LOL.


And what does she think about Prince’s photo and her clothes that didn’t match?

Dynamite and I were on the plane. We landed and got a call. I HOLLERED ‘cuz they said Prince said my clothes didn’t match. I was like, ‘OH snap. Purple One got jokes’. That let’s me know he’s human. I have NO problem with him. The security gave a teez to ALOT of people. That was mean and low to treat people that way, but to each his own. Still i RISE.

Yes, she’s rising from obscurity thanks to not being allowed to pee because of Prince. 


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