Lil’ Kim Tweeted the Haters Who She Said Photoshopped Her Butt to Appear Fake and Mangled

Lil’ Kim in 2015
Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Lil’ Kim in 2015
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Lil' Kim has long been the subject of "before" and "after" photos used by people who slam excessive plastic surgery—especially when it's abused by celebrities who most people agree were once super cute.


And Kim's retort, from time to time, is that a lot of those "after" photos are altered. She hopped on Twitter Thursday and slammed haters who she says photoshopped a shot of her derriere to appear as if she got a bad surgery job fattening it. 

She put together a "before" and "after" split photo of her own, showing the original and the fake.


Kim even said that she has a feeling she knows who's behind the altered photo.

She slammed bloggers for running with the story as if it were true.

I'm glad she had receipts. All hail Queen Bee.

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