Eric “Lil Eazy-E” Wright Jr. and his brother Derrek Wright, sons of rapper Eazy-E, arrive at the premiere of Straight Outta Compton in Los Angeles Aug. 10, 2015.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Lil Eazy-E has high hopes for Charlie Sheen regarding his HIV diagnosis. He told TMZ that he doesn't think Sheen will succumb to the virus that took his father, Eazy-E, the mastermind behind N.W.A.

Lil Eazy-E is hopeful for a few reasons. For one, his father contracted the virus when there weren't as many drugs around to combat it. Today, he says, Sheen has access to a plethora of "lifesaving treatments," TMZ reports.


The rap protégé says he expects Sheen to live a long life, and a more fulfilled one, since he predicts that Sheen will likely get to see his children grow up, something his dad, who died in 1995, wasn't able to do.

Lil Eazy-E also says that he thinks Sheen's journey will bring attention to the virus for a new generation. 


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