Lil Boosie Recovering After Losing Half a Kidney During Cancer Surgery

Lil Boosie

Last month, rapper Lil Boosie announced that he had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Boosie posted on Instagram informing his fans of his diagnosis and asked for prayers.

"I need all my fans to pray for me[.] [My] [d]octor just told me I have cancer on my kidneys. [P]rayer is power, that's why I'm letting the world know. [#]prayfaboosie," he wrote.


Boosie underwent surgery last week to remove half his kidney and says he's now in recovery. 

According to TMZ, the Baton Rouge, La., rapper underwent a nephrectomy, for which he had to pay $90,000 because he did not have health insurance. Although he's still recovering, Boosie's looking forward to returning to music.

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