Leslie Uggams Said President Lyndon B. Johnson Tried to Get Her Into Lincoln’s Bed

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We’ve all heard stories about President Lyndon B. Johnson’s vulgar ways: from his obsession with his dick to that time he held a press conference on Air Force One naked. But Deadpool 2 actress Leslie Uggams says she had the unfortunate experience of seeing Johnson’s skeevy actions firsthand.


In a recent interview with People magazine, Uggams said she was among a handful of entertainers who were invited to the White House. Uggams, along with Bob Hope, was getting a presidential tour when she and Johnson got a few steps ahead of the other people. And that’s when the prez tried to make the magic happen.

“The next thing you know, he says, ‘Hey, you want to come up to the second floor?’ We were like, ‘Yeah!’ Who gets to go up there other than the people who live there?” Uggams said. She continued:

So he’s giving us a tour of everything and he’s talking. You know how when there’s a group of you, like at a museum, and you may stop to look at a painting longer than the others — well I was walking with the president. We were ahead of Bob Hope and the rest of the people[. ...] And we get to a bedroom, and he says, ‘Oh this is the famous Lincoln Bed.’ And I say, ‘Wow this is a part of history.’ And so he shows me the bed and slyly says, ‘I sure would like to get you onto that bed.’ I was like… what?

Ole nasty-ass pervert. Thankfully for Uggams, Hope came in and broke up the awkwardness of the moment.

The moral of this story? Johnson was a total jackass, and Uggams needs more screen time in the next Deadpool flick.

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A Drop of Hell, A Touch of Strange

LBJ: C’mon, let’s measure up!

JFK: No Lyndon, that’s super gay.

LBJ: What’s wrong Tiny? Scared your Boston Bean can’t match the Texas Titan?

JFK: Fine, you asked for it. *Unzips* *Wham!* Happy now Tex?

LBJ: *Raises phone, calls Oswald*

And now Oliver Stone can rest easy.