LeBron James of the Miami Heat is helped off the court after cramping up against the San Antonio Spurs during Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals at the AT&T Center June 5, 2014, in San Antonio. 
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

There’s nothing worse than catching a cramp while you’re in the middle of doing something, especially if that something happens to be Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Apparently the air conditioning system broke down at the AT&T Center, where Thursday night’s game between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs was being held. The conditions seemed to take a toll on everyone, especially the Heat’s LeBron James.

During the fourth quarter, James was carried off the court because of a leg cramp. As fast as James was helped off the court, people on social media were coining a new term in honor of his cramp. The #LeBroning meme started to trend on social media as others having their own leg-cramp moments. “LeBroning” was originally created by high school kids clowning the star’s overreaction to touch fouls, but it now includes cramping:

Lance Stephenson’s meme was even incorporated into one:

Not to be left out of the fun, Gatorade joined in on clowning James’ leg cramp, especially since its competitor Powerade is James' official sponsor.

I guess the people behind Powerade’s Twitter account didn’t want to join in on the fun. Instead they took the high road and praised James:


From the Lance Stephenson memes to LeBroning, the NBA Finals have given social media plenty of fodder to work with.


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