LeBron James and His Cleveland Cavaliers Teammates Rode a NYC Subway Train ‘Like Real Citizens’ Monday Morning

@Uninterrupted via Twitter screenshot
@Uninterrupted via Twitter screenshot

LeBron James took his first-ever ride on a New York City subway train with his teammates from the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he filmed it so that all his fans could enjoy his trip right along with him.

The Cavaliers were in New York to face off against the Knickerbockers (hahaha, I’m going to keep doing that) Monday evening, and after a morning shootaround, their options for transportation back to their hotel were either a 45-minute bus ride or a six-minute train ride, so they opted for the downtown C train, James said in the video posted to Uninterrupted on Twitter.


The guys boarded the train at the 34th Street-Penn. Station stop and squished together so that they could all fit into the subway car. James did the camerawork, panning around the car, much to the annoyance of a passenger sitting next to him, who said, “Can you not?” before getting up and moving his seat.

Sorry, homie.

Everyone else seemed to enjoy the spectacle, however, and waved at King James as his camera hit them.

Another video, posted by the NBA earlier in the morning, showed the players as they made their way through the station and waited for their train.


Former Knicks player J.R. Smith was greeted by Knicks fans. Another Knicks fan taunted the Cavs players, saying, “K.P. gon’ get y’all tonight, bruh,” referring to Knicks player Kristaps Porzingis.

Asked about their experience, James said, “As long as I’m getting on the right damn train, that’s all I care about.”


Smith said, “Trying to be like real citizens, man.”

The Knicks beat the Cavs 114-95 on Oct. 29, so KEEP THAT SAME NEW YORK-COMMUTER ENERGY, Cavs, and try to win the game tonight.

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