Kevin Hart walks the red carpet at United Artists Riverview Cinema in Philadelphia to celebrate his upcoming film Wedding RingerĀ Dec, 8, 2014.
Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Screen Gems/Sony

Earlier this month, Sony was hit with a breach of security that sent Hollywood into a whirlwind. From racist emails about President Obamaā€™s favorite moviesĀ to emailsĀ calling Kevin Hart a whore, to now a whole movie being put on hold because of national security, itā€™s safe to say that Sony hasnā€™t been having a good month.

Now more emails have surfaced regarding the previous Hart emails about his social media activities coming with a price. According to screenshots that have been posted to the Twitter account Bikini Robot Army, a conversation took place between two unnamed Sony executives about attempts to get Hart to tweet about Denzel Washingtonā€™s movieĀ The Equalizerā€”the same movie Sony executives were warned about casting Washington in.

ā€œIs there a world in which Kevin Hart might retweet an Equalizer post or tweet that heā€™s looking forward to seeing? I know he cashes in on tweeting now ā€¦ but we are making the last push against black and Hispanic audiences,ā€ one of the alleged emails read.

The emails went on to say that Hart was paid an extra $2 million to tweet about No Good Deed, so he should have no problem tweeting for cash.Ā ā€œYep. He owes us. I also got him to tweet on NGD. We paid him an extra 2M to tweet on 2 pictures. Let me [see] what I can do. What would you have him tweet? A :15 spot saying check it out and I canā€™t wait to see this? Or ā€˜how excited am I to see Equalizer this weekend?ā€™ā€

Since Hart is already active on his social media account even when heā€™s not being paid to tweet about a movie, the executive also informed the other that there had been a strategy to get Hart to tweet less, so it might take extra convincing for him to tweet about the movie:

Who knows if Hart actually tweeted about The Equalizer?Ā I mean, who wants to go through all of those tweets to find out? Because Hart does tweet a lot.Ā And good for him, because he is his own brand.