Leaked Jail Video Shows T.I. Questioning Cop About Arrest

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Although cops allege that rapper T.I. was drunk and disorderly during his recent arrest, in a newly leaked jail video it appears that the rapper was quite lucid when he was questioning a police officer as to why he was arrested in the first place.


On Wednesday morning, T.I. (real name Clifford Harris) was arrested after trying to enter his gated community. In an interview with TMZ, T.I. said that the guard was sleeping at his post when he tried to gain entrance, and when the guard phoned his wife, Tiny, and she requested that entrance be granted, the guard cursed at her.

“Who the fuck do you think you is talking to me like this?” the guard allegedly yelled at Tiny.

Eventually, T.I. was let in, but when he asked for the guard’s name, the guard refused to give one. It wasn’t until T.I. got back to his house that he decided to return to the guard post to again try to get the guard’s name. But the guard refused, and Harris said he told him, “You can step outside the booth into the street so we can talk.”

In the leaked Henry County (Ga.) Jail booking video, T.I. can be heard questioning a cop as to why he was arrested, to which the cop replies, “For acting like a fool.”

T.I. mentions that he had only asked for the security guard’s name, and says that he had a right to return to the guard post to ask a question because he pays millions of dollars to live in the community.

“You shouldna came back,” the cop replies.

T.I. then says that the cop will be answering questions for his lawyer eventually.

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Off-Topic but I need to vent:

I had a run in with a black cop this morning. I’m driving up this residential street with crosswalks. The kind I’ve only ever seen in CA where there’s no sign but when pedestrians step in the street the cars stop. I spot the cop car from a block away sitting at the intersection, so i check my speed and keep going and as I’m about to cross the crosswalk a dude steps out. I’m like a car lane away to the left of dude so I’m not going to hit him but I’m literally driving over the crosswalk as I see dude and its too late. Cop lights me up before I even finish the intersection.

So I pull over, put my window down, hands on the wheel the whole thing. I figure I’ll collect my ticket and move on. But as the cop steps out the car I realize I’m fucked. She is pissed from the jump. She starts in on me.
“Did you see that person in the intersection?”
“Yes ma’am but not until I was already crossing it”
“License and registration.”
“yes, ma’ma I just need to reach...”
She cuts me off. “Don’t act like you’re so scared now.”
I’m like, what? I’m following the procedure you kind says we should follow and you’re berating me for it?
“Yes ma’am. I’m trying not to upset you.”
I hand her my license and she walks back to her car to run my plates. Then she comes back with a ticket and start in on a lecture.
“The media has all you black men believing that the police are out to kill you, if you’re so afraid of contact with the police maybe you should drive correctly.”
Ok. She hands me the ticket and walks back to her car. I figure it’s over and I wait for her to leave and I pull out and continue on my way. A block up I realized she’s pulled over and now pulls into traffic behind me. She rides my ass for a mile until i panic and speed up a little to make some space and then she lights me up again. I pull over again and she jumps out and is even more pissed.
“I just gave you a warning and now I have you doing 32 in a 25. Slow down!”
I don’t say shit because I know she’s looking for a reason now. I wait her out. My heart is hammering because I know the next words are going to be
“Step out of the car” I’m waiting for this shit to go south and then she gets a call and turns and walk away, she throws a sarcastic “Have a nice day.” over her shoulder as she goes. I just sit there for minute waiting for her to leave and she yells at me from her car “You’re free to go.” I decide it’s not worth it and I step out the car (A move that could have escalated shit I realized right after I did it.) lock it and walk away.

So, I expect I’ll be getting pulled over a lot in the next few weeks. Mostly I’m pissed because I panicked. I set my phone recording but didn’t make sure it was working. So it didn’t record shit (time to invest in a dashcam). I knew what she was doing as soon as she pulled into traffic behind me.I should have pulled over and parked then. Instead I let her goad me into making a mistake. I didn’t even get her name or badge number. I’m usually way better at this, but that black cop had me shook from the moment I saw the look on her face.