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Because we live in a world in which Lauryn Hill has spent the last two decades being late for everything but her paycheck, the fact that she was only 20 minutes late for her December 3 concert at London’s 02 Arena is legit headline news.


“‘She’s on time!’ A ripple of excitement has just gone through the O2 Arena,” wrote Roisin O’Connor, a music correspondent for the U.K.-based the Independent, in her review of the show. “The lights have dimmed, and Lauryn Hill is as about as ‘on time’ as she’ll ever be—just 20 minutes late.”

As trumpets blared and attendees wiped tears of joy from their eyes in celebration of such a momentous feat, Lauryn waited for the haze of confetti and fireworks exploding in the sky to subside before beginning her set.


But alas, Twitter is abound with skeptics:

As well as those who empathize for the fans in attendance:


And of course fans in attendance who missed the concert equivalent of Halley’s Comet:


Later this month, Hill is scheduled for a New Year’s Eve performance at the Fox Theater in Oakland, Calif. So for those willing to put her newfound punctuality to the test, good luck with that.

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