Laura Govan Ordered to Pay Gilbert Arenas $110,000 for Spreading STD Rumors

Gilbert Arenas and Laura Govan in Los Angeles in 2013
Mike Windle/Getty Images for BET

Gilbert Arenas is celebrating a legal victory against his ex, Laura Govan. Govan was ordered to pay Arenas $110,000 after spreading rumors via email to a gossip blog that Arenas had sexually transmitted diseases.

In court documents, Arenas cited emotional distress and stated that he wasn't able to work on his new app once the rumors began. Arenas originally wanted seven figures, but the judge denied that amount because Govan didn't have the money to pay, according to TMZ.


Govan and Arenas have made their legal battles fodder for social media because of their constant back and forth on Instagram. But it looks as though Arenas has got one win under his belt.

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