#LaughingWhileBlack Women Share Their Story With 1st Televised Interview on The Real

Still from The Real
Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Television
Still from The Real
Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Television

What started out as a fun trip for a group of book club members on California’s Napa Valley Wine Train ended up being more than what they expected. Members of the Sistahs on the Reading Edge book club were kicked off the train Aug. 22 after train employees said they were being too loud. The incident sparked outrage and the hashtag #laughingwhileblack when news of the incident went viral.

Last week the members of the book club filed an $11 million lawsuit against the Napa Valley Wine Train, citing discrimination as well as employer backlash.

On Tuesday, some of the book club members will appear on The Real for their first televised interview. In the preview, host Jeannie Mai asked Allisa Carr, one of the book club members, what she wanted others to learn about the stand the women took.


“What we want people to learn is to just be careful of your biases of other people and how you view a group of people when you’re around them. And how you use your power, if you’re in a position of power to make decisions that will then render, and how it will affect other people’s lives. That’s what we want. We want this not to happen again,” Carr replied.

Take a look at the clip below:

The episode airs Tuesday. Check your local listings for showtimes.

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