Larry Wilmore and members of the Bloods and Crips
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Larry Wilmore and The Nightly Show headed to Baltimore during his Thursday-night broadcast and met with members of the infamous Bloods and Crips gangs to discuss their truce and the ongoing unrest in Baltimore.

"You see the corner on this menu right here?" one member said. "Here's a person, this is you—there's only so far back into this corner you can push me until I push back. That's what happened; they pushed back."


The gang members understood how some people can't relate to what's going on in Baltimore, but offered their opinions as to why.

"Of course not. If you're living in a million-dollar house, how can you relate to living in the hood, getting pushed?" he said.

Wilmore and the gang members joked about how they may complain about police brutality while other people in the country complain about paying taxes, which is definitely something they can't relate to. So while Baltimore City is incensed over police brutality, middle America is incensed over paying things like property tax.

"And you call a lawyer and you push back!" the member said.

Take a look at the video below:

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